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Marine & Offshore

Safety always comes first at sea. Our bespoke marine air diffusers and air movement products allow you to carefully control internal air flow to create the best possible environment for your vessel or crew.


All freight and passenger airport applications need a reliable power supply. Our plugs and sockets can withstand hot, humid or freezing conditions. Suitable for heating, cooling, lighting, maintenance and more.


Working in an IECEx or ATEX environment requires a safety-first approach. Our fully-tailored plastic micro-switch cases and plastic fuse holders are designed to achieve safety and superior performance.


If you need plastic starch trays to help operate your mogul plant, we are the UK's leading provider for the confectionery industry. Widely used for producing gummy candy or jelly sweets, we supply some of Europe's biggest confectionery producers - including Storck, the German makers of Bendicks chocolates, Werther's Original and Toffifee.


No matter what size plastic friction disc you require, we can make it! Often utilised within brakes and clutches throughout the automotive industry, we can make plain or customised discs with or without a centre.


Harsh mining and tunnel environments require reliable and robust safety solutions. With our electrical busbar supports, any copper or aluminium fixings will hold if a short circuit occurs. The same superior performance can also be guaranteed from our mining plug and socket insulators.

“Fairgrieve is the only compression moulding company in the North East - and continues to offer plastic moulding innovations.”

“We are famously known as the first UK company to compression mould Bakelite plastics - more than 100 years ago.”