About Us.

We are an acclaimed compression moulding company with an unrivalled reputation for excellence.

Fairgrieve Compression Moulding

Fairgrieve is a leading UK compression moulding company – producing specialist parts tailored to your needs.

We carry a worldwide reputation and from our Washington HQ on Wearside, we serve clients throughout the UK and around the world.

Major companies and brands rely on our expertise. Work in partnership with us and enjoy quality mouldings at a sensible cost.

A proud heritage

Fairgrieve is the only compression moulding specialist in the entire North East of England.

Established in 1913, we are proud of our heritage and experience in the field of plastic moulding.

We are famed for being the first UK company to compression mould Bakelite phenolic materials, back in 1918.

Quality you can trust

With more than 100 years’ experience to our name, Fairgrieve boasts plastic moulding knowledge that’s second to none.

You can trust us to deliver the highest-quality injection and compression mouldings, with or without inserts.

Made from wide range of modern materials, we can produce mouldings in any size or quantity.

How we work in partnership with you

We Listen

We take the time to listen and understand your requirements – so the brief is just right first time around.

We Design

To ensure your project is a success, we use all our expertise to tailor the most appropriate moulded solution.

We Create

Choose from a wide range of modern materials – and turn your compression moulding ideas into a reality.

We Care

We provide after-care that’s second to none. Should a problem occur, we’ll resolve it fast and without fuss.

Our Sectors & Industries

We work proudly alongside some of the biggest names from remarkable industries around the world.

We carry a worldwide reputation from our Washington HQ on Wearside – major companies and brands rely on our expertise.

Work in partnership with us and enjoy quality mouldings at a sensible cost.

Find Out More Our Products

  • Confectionery
  • Construction
  • Defence Industries
  • Electrical Distribution
  • Engineering
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Robotics
  • Transport
A history of innovation


Fairgrieve Mouldings Limited is formed in central Sunderland by two brothers, becoming the only compression moulding company in the North East of England.


We became the first UK company to mould Bakelite, the first thermoset or phenolic plastic invented by Dr Leo Henrik Baekeland, revolutionising industry and life across Britain.


To help with the War effort, the highly significant Tool No 623 was made from steel at a cost of £9 10s 0d to a drawing supplied by C A Parsons & Co Ltd.


Our former home at 200-201 High Street East in Sunderland is purchased by the North East Civic Trust because of its historical significance in the UK development of Bakelite.


Washington becomes our new home after moving in to a 15,000 sq ft manufacturing and office facility, driving the factory and business into the modern 21st Century.

Contact us about producing specialist parts tailored to your needs

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