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Using our 109 years of knowledge and expertise to build on success and enter new markets in 2022

General Manager Barry Davidson says Fairgrieve Compression Moulding is ready to move into new market areas – and place a focus on the development of new products in 2022.

Following a year of transition, when the business was sold to private investor Daniel Beaumont early in 2021, recent months have seen significant investment help to improve production processes and drive efficiency.

By attending trade fairs and exhibitions we have established new contacts and reached out to potential customers, particularly in the mining sector – an industry which has long relied on our heat-resistant and explosion-resistant components.

Now, the next few months will see us explore potential new markets to move into, and commit time to, new product development.

“It has been something of a transitional year for the business given it moved into new ownership early in the year and of course had a new general manager come on board in myself,” said Barry.

“There was naturally a period of reflection and then change, but we are confident we’ve reached a position now where we are in a strong place to really forge ahead in 2022.

“We’ve introduced lots of new procedures into the business over the past year, driven by the 5S Workplace Organisation continuous improvement process. But we have been equally mindful that we have experience and knowledge within the business which is irreplaceable.

“We’ve reached a place now where we are not just focussed on our long-established core customer base, but have also identified potential areas of growth, something which was perhaps not on the radar until Daniel invested in the business.”

Focusing on potential new markets and products will be a key area for everyone at Fairgrieve during the next 12 months.

Barry added: “What we’ve come to understand and appreciate is the level of knowledge and expertise we have within the business, and that is something which can really help other businesses.

“We have made sure that we have been out and met new people who we could potentially work with and been open to dialogue with other businesses with regards to supporting them with new product development.

“There have been a number of companies turn to us to seek our advice and support as to what can be made and how, which is very exciting.

“It’s been a really interesting end to the year for us and we can certainly see ourselves being involved in some new markets in 2022. We will also continue to focus on the sectors which have supported our business success since 1913, such as mining, marine, offshore and other hazardous industries.”

Established in 1913, Fairgrieve Compression Moulding was one of the first UK businesses to compression mould Bakelite, the first plastic made from synthetic components. It was a revolutionary development in the industry as its electrical non-conductivity and heat-resistant properties made it suitable for a huge variety of uses and products.

Over the years, we have established a reputation for being a world-leader in the industrial moulding of engineering-grade plastics.

Based in Washington on Tyne & Wear, we also supply products to customers in the shipping, automotive and aviation industries, including plastic friction discs.

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