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Safety comes first as staff training ensures qualified first aiders cover every shift – 24 hours a day

Fairgrieve Compression Moulding has further demonstrated its commitment to putting the safety of its staff first by supporting four employees through First Aid training.

Factory operatives Stephen Kelly, Brian Coundon, Shaun Hovvels and production manager Johnathon Hutchinson in completing the First Aid at Work course with St John Ambulance.

This course ensures delegates leave with a comprehensive set of practical skills needed in most workplaces to become a confident first aider at work, with the knowledge and ability to deal with many first aid emergencies.

As well as learning the Health and Safety First Aid regulations which must be adhered to, they covered crucial topics covered for those working in a manufacturing setting such as our compression moulding factory.

This included providing first aid to people who suffer burns and scalds, bone, muscle and joint injuries, bleeding (minor and severe) and eye injuries.

Our team were also trained in the role of the first aider, managing an emergency situation, communication and casualty care. Potential day-to-day health issues such as chest pains (including heart attacks), choking, fainting, seizures and low blood sugar were also covered.

Course has provided ‘potentially life-saving skills’

Finally, the team were given invaluable training on helping unresponsive casualties, resuscitation and the use of defibrillators and pad placement.

The course, which awards certificates valid for three years, meets the standards required to help comply with the Health and Safety (First aid) regulations 1981.

Barry Davidson, General Manager of Fairgrieve Compression Moulding, said: “I’m really pleased with the team for stepping up and volunteering to take this course as it is paramount that we have not only the right skills and knowledge about our work, but to protect one another should something go wrong.

“Reaching the highest safety standards throughout our site is a business priority and I am delighted to see our production team recognised for their contributions during this important course. They have learned some potentially life-saving skills.

 “As a business we are always looking to continually improve in what we do and how we work, and that has brought many changes over the past two years which have made our factory a much more organised and safer environment.

“It is now well over two years since our last minor accident was reported in our workplace, so the statistics show that we provide a safe working environment for all our employees and visitors.

“However, there is always the chance that accidents can happen, and of course people can be taken unexpectedly ill, and so we felt it important to ensure we could have a First Aid trained employee on site during every shift.

“We now have First Aid cover across all shifts operating 24 hours a day for the entire site, which of course is very reassuring for us all.”

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