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New rail industry contract helps keep business heading on right tracks

Fairgrieve Compression Moulding has secured new work within the rail industry having signed a new contract to produce terminal blocks used in signal technology for a leading name in the rail sector.

The contract was secured when the client sought out a new compression moulding partner for the product, as its previous long-term supplier had ceased trading.

General Manager Barry Davidson says it is a job he was pleased to add to a growing number of contracts secured in 2022, which has seen the business move to 24-hour production.

The product is being made from Bakelite plastic – the material which Fairgrieves famously was the first to introduce to the UK in 1918.

“We are always happy to talk to new customers over their requirements as our expertise and experience often enables us to provide a superior product at great value,” he said.

“This customer had found itself in a position where its existing supplier was no longer able to provide this specialty product and they needed to find a new partner they could trust, finding us through our website and word of mouth in the industry”.

“We of course have a great history and a long-serving team, and we really thrive on new contracts as it gives us the opportunity to impress clients with our knowledge, expertise and customer service.

“Obviously, these are early days with regards to this relationship but we are confident in our ability to impress with quality of product and turnaround times. We hope this builds into another long-term partnership.”

Business welcomes cap on energy prices after ‘astronomical’ cost predictions

On the back of a successful year so far for Fairgrieve Compression Moulding, Mr Davidson welcomed the recent announcement from new Prime Minister Liz Truss as she set an energy price cap from October 1st, for six months.

Although details are still sketchy, he said: “It has come as a huge relief for a businesses like Fairgrieves, especially given our recent switch to 24-hour production to meet customer demand, which can’t avoid significant energy usage.

“The forecasts for our energy costs were quite daunting and had the potential to undo much of the good work we have done over the past year in improving efficiencies and profitability, so I think huge credit should be given to the new PM for this decisive step being taken at such an early stage in her appointment.

“It has stopped the rug from being pulled from under many businesses, who have had to come through a tough past couple of years.”

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