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How our compression moulded terminal and signal boxes are helping to keep railways on track

In recent times the expertise of our team here at Fairgrieve Compression Moulding has become increasingly called upon by businesses operating in the railways industry.

It’s a sector where safety, durability and reliability of products is key, and we are proud to have a 30-year record of serving clients in this very challenging and highly regulated industry.

The vast majority of our work in the rail sector is focused upon the manufacture of terminal and signal boxes, which are of course used by rail companies all over the world and are essential in keeping our train services running.

These products must comply with demanding industry standards and specifications, and we are proud to say this is one of the main reasons customers turn to our compression moulding expertise here at Fairgrieves – and return to us time and again.

Boxes must protect electrics and withstand harsh conditions

As railway terminal boxes house and protect what are usually complex networks of electrical components such as sensors, control systems, and communication devices, it is imperative that they are highly durable and able to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Open to the elements throughout their lifetime in use, they are at risk of corrosion due to exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, salt, corrosive agents, vibration and mechanical stress.

By using compression moulding to manufacture the boxes, materials can be specifically chosen for their resistance to corrosion, extending the service life of the terminal boxes.

Crucially, compression-moulded boxes can also be designed with sealing features to prevent moisture and dust from entering, ensuring the safety and functionality of sensitive equipment, with the shape also able to be specifically designed to house all the electrical equipment inside.

It is also of course important that terminal boxes are manufactured from materials that provide electrical insulation, with thermosetting plastics often used to create the specific shapes and configurations required.

Why compression moulding is ideal for rail terminal box manufacturing.

Our customers turn to us for compression moulded terminal and signal boxes because they know we have a track record of producing robust, consistent, and customised components to meet the specific demands of the railway industry.

Signal and terminal boxes can be manufactured using a material blend which enables them to meet the specific voltage, current, and environmental requirements of railway systems, whilst maintaining their structural integrity and insulating properties in a range of temperatures.

Compression moulding importantly offers consistent quality and performance across all units – a crucial quality when it comes to maintaining the reliability of railway infrastructure.

At Fairgrieve Compression Moulding, we are able to provide a cost-effective manufacturing method for producing terminal boxes, with the highest degree of consistency in terms of quality, which is essential for maintaining the integrity and safety of railway systems.

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