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High-performance firewall brackets for construction – a matter of life before profits and price?

At Fairgrieve Compression Moulding we have a product we believe should soon become the industry standard in all new UK construction projects.

Our compression moulded high performance firewall brackets are something we are incredibly proud of, as they have been tested and demonstrated to outperform those commonly used in construction products throughout the UK today.

Manufactured from a specially developed raw material which took many months of research and development, involving the most rigorous testing before it could be compression moulded to perfection in our factory, we have created a unique product capable of withstanding intense heat, fire and smoke allowing up to two hours to escape from a burning building.

We believe it is the only product of its kind in the marketplace.

The crucial role of firewall brackets

Firewall brackets play an essential role in supporting various structural elements, such as walls, floors, roofs, and beams that form part of a firewall – a fire-resistant barrier designed to prevent the spread of fire between different parts of a building.

The longer they withstand the intense heat of a fire, the longer the structural integrity of a firewall is going to be held, preventing collapse and slowing the spread of fire and smoke and providing occupants with more time to evacuate safely.

Government guidance on various aspects of regulations relating to fire safety in buildings, including fire-resistant construction and structural elements, specifies fire resistance periods for elements such as walls, floors, and roofs, can be found in The Building Regulations Approved Document B.

However, it but does not specifically provide specific details about the performance standards for individual components such as firewall brackets, and where time resistant periods are specified on products, they typically range from between 30 minutes to an hour.

Fire safety in construction a key issue

Mr Davidson is passionate about raising the bar when it comes to fire safety in construction, and believes Fairgrieve’s firewall brackets do just that.

“We should always be looking to improve standards, and if there is a product on the market which raises the bar with regards to fire resistance of properties, especially if it can be produced at only a slightly higher cost, surely it’s a no brainer. We are talking doubling the fire resistance time here in terms of protecting the structural integrity of buildings,” he said.

“We have a product which we know will help save lives.

“There’s obviously a significant market for these products in the development of residential complexes, where any extra escape time in the event of a fire is crucial, but also for construction companies developing sites where the business tenants are considered a greater risk, such as those using or manufacturing potentially highly flammable materials.

“We invested a great deal of time and money into developing this product. It is unique in the market and we worked for close to a year with a leading global compounding solutions specialist to develop the solution which is then compression moulded by our team.

“It is that unique formula, and the compression moulding process, which ensures the unique properties to withstand intense heat.

“We’ve started to find our way into the sector with these high performance firewall brackets by supplying some leading names in the construction industry, and the clients who have taken it, and have ordered in their thousands, have been delighted with it. We now need more to follow suit.”

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