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Experienced manufacturing manager joins to lead business following new investment

Experienced manufacturer Barry Davidson has joined the Fairgrieve Compression Moulding team to lead the day-to day-operations of the business.

Mr Davidson has been appointed to the role of General Manager, bringing more than 35 years’ of manufacturing managerial experience to the business.

During his career he has had extensive experience of leading large-scale, multi-million pound operations across a wide range of industries including chemicals, coatings, printing and packaging, assembling and packing, food and drink, pharmaceuticals and medical.

Owner Daniel Beaumont said: “I am thrilled to have recruited Barry to the team given his extensive experience across a range of industries and a career in which he has been accustomed to dealing with major blue-chip customers and companies which are household brand names.

“What really stood out for me about Barry’s career was his experience in restructuring manufacturing operations and facilitating cultural change programmes to introduce lean manufacturing techniques, leading to greater cost efficiencies, enhanced profitability and improved staff morale and motivation.

“He has helped businesses increase in outputs whilst reducing production overhead costs significantly – something every business and particularly those in manufacturing need to achieve.”

Mr Davidson said: “I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to join the business and come in and work alongside some very experienced and talented people who know this company, its products and customers so well.

“I will be learning from them initially and then looking to use my experience to identify opportunities to improve.

“I think it is exciting that both Daniel and I are coming in fresh to the business. We are both coming in full of energy and desire to help ensure we build on what has been a fantastic history, taking the name of Fairgrieves hopefully to more customers across the UK and overseas.

“What struck me in the first few days of being here was the quality of the products we produce and the expertise and knowledge of the market the team has. They are truly world-leading and that is reflected in customers choosing this business over others in this sector in Germany, Australia and the United States.

“Our aim is to ensure we secure new clients, and major orders, both in the UK and Europe, over the coming 12 months. It is something we are confident we can do together with the experience already here, and that myself and Daniel bring.”

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