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Contract secured to supply thousands of firewall brackets to construction sector

Fairgrieve Compression Moulding has secured a new contract to manufacture and supply thousands of firewall brackets to a national construction company.

The products, used to support building structures and withstand intense heat for as long as possible in the event of a fire, are products in high demand across the construction sector, particularly following the devastating Grenfell Tower disaster in London, in 2017.

Firewall brackets produced by Fairgrieve Compression Moulding are proven to be able to support structures for two hours, providing essential ‘extra escape time’.

General Manager Barry Davidson says it is a product his business receives ‘continual enquiries’ about from across the construction sector, and one which is always on the production job list at the business.

“It’s rare to look down our factory schedule and not see firewall brackets on the list of production jobs, but this order for tens of thousands means we will have to step it up over the coming month,” he said.

“It is a product which, for obvious reasons, is always in high demand, and we often see interest in them from construction companies developing sites where the business tenants are considered a greater risk, such as those using or manufacturing potentially highly flammable materials.”

Order due in March 2023 and means busy end to financial year

The order is due to be completed and delivered to the customer in March 2023, meaning Fairgrieve will end the year with a busy factory floor, with night shifts continuing to be required to meet certain contract demands.

“We’re ending what has been a significant year with a busy factory floor, new enquiries and orders coming through the door, and with some talks ongoing which we hope will lead to significant business in 2023,” said Mr Davidson.

“The business has gone through something of a transformation over the past 12 months in how we operate and go about our work, but at the heart of that has been the same team of highly-skilled and experienced staff who are so passionate about taking the company forward, and have been with us for so long.

“That has been so rewarding to see. We are investing in them, not only through upgrading our facilities but also though training, and they have given us their complete support too as they take great pride in seeing the company thriving again.”

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