Microswitch Moulding Set

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Microswitches & Microswitch Moulding Sets are designed for use by the leading manufacturers of stepper motors, switches, industrial-rated microswitches, actuators and control systems.

Custom engineered to meet the integration requirements of each application, this versatile range of microswitch technology provides 100% precision.

A mechanically robust switch that’s ideal for handling high current ratings in an adverse environment.

Made from a black moulded glass fibre-filled polyester resin. Available in standard, miniature, sub-miniature and ultraminiature sizes.

Design Features

  • Custom engineered for industry-specific applications
  • Available from 12.8 x 10 x 5 mm
  • Handles electrical ratings to 250VAC
  • 100% consistent and accurate performance
  • Suitable for adverse environments
  • Perfect for critical functions

Compliance & Certification

  • UL 1054
  • EN 61058-1
  • UL 61058-1
  • CNHTS:8536500090
  • USHTS:8536509040
  • TARIC:8536508099
  • ECCN:EAR99

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