Mega Chocks for Tunnelling

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Large-scale tunnel construction requires accuracy and repeatability.

If you operate in the UK tunnelling industry the innovative Mega Chock could save you time and deliver improved cost efficiency.

Designed to provide unrivalled support during construction, the Mega Chock is used during the storage of pre-cast concrete tunnel segments and makes transportation safer and easier.

Made from reinforced glass fibre and similar to Kelly Blocks in appearance, Mega Chocks are ideal for the storage and transportation of pre-cast concrete segments prior to their use, either in single or twin-bored tunnels using TBMs.

Whether you’re tunnelling to house cables, utilities, water, trains or vehicles; you can rely on the Mega Chock to simplify the process.

Need a specific size or design? Work in partnership with us and we will design a bespoke product to meet your exact requirements.

Design Features

  • Strong lightweight industrial ‘Building block’
  • Hollow structure featuring reinforced support ribs for extra strength
  • Two locating 'nipples' hold & engage concrete tunnel section
  • Made from reinforced glass fibre moulding compound
  • Mathematical modelling available on demand
  • 100% accurate and repeatable mould
  • Available in a range of sizes


  • Superb stability and durability
  • 50% lighter than common alternatives
  • Easy to move & handle manually
  • Longer lifespan than timber
  • Better for the environment
  • Suitable for hazardous environments
  • Quick to manufacture
  • Reusable

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