Confectionery Trays

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Make manufacturing sweets easier

Designed to handle the demands of high-volume confectionery manufacturers, our new plastic starch trays are super strong and lighter weight to improve cost efficiencies.

Tailored to any size or mogul plant production, this lightweight confectionery tray is made from a tough and low-density food-grade polypropylene.

Stack and clean easily. Enjoy reduced cooling times.

The Design

Significantly improved and re-engineered in 2021, our new lightweight plastic food grade approved starch trays have a smooth surface to hold any type of sweets, gum or confectionery.

Highly resistant to chemicals and heat, each confectionery tray is able to operate at a temperature range of between 51°C to 121°C.

The Material

Developed in partnership with chemists from an international polymer specialist, our thermoset starch mogul trays are 100% stain resistant.

  • Clean and efficient production
  • Precision-shaped handling areas
  • Load and unload with confidence

The Benefits

More affordable

Now lower weight, our UK-made plastic starch trays are far more cost effective and better value.

Guarantee quality

Compression moulded for complete accuracy, every starch mogul tray is produced in a modern precision press for a consistent and high-quality finish.

Improve productivity

Redesigned to improve air circulation, you can enjoy increased productivity by minimising the drying time required.

Smooth design & finish

No matter what mogul plant system you use, our confectionery trays will always operate smoothly. No jamming. No sticking. No splinters.

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